Found Poem: Sexuality Scrambles Mind By Leah Bernhardt

So, the article I chose was about a seminar back in 2018 explaining how women should act and dress in the workplace. The seminar got a lot of back lash for various of reasons but mostly about the appalling contents presented in the seminar. According to the article, women shouldn’t show their skin, shouldn’t be aggressive like men, and they shouldn’t talk to men face to face. From a basic look at the article, one would get offended with the treatment of women in the seminar but from their point of view they thought this would prevent future sexual harassment. In the end, they could have done this seminar in a less offensive way so that the women won’t feel trapped in the workplace based on their identity.

In order to create my found poem, I first started off with a blank white paper for the background. Then I looked at the article and decided on words that they used to describe femininity where women shouldn’t speak ill towards men, having no short skirts, and that sexuality scrambles the mind. After I found the words that mainly explained the event in the seminar, I made the words larger and printed off the article. After printing the pages off, I then cut each specific word out and taped them to the plain white paper. When taping the words to the paper I kept in mind the spacing and how each word impacted the reader. With the spacing of the words, the reader has time to think about how the words reflects to the ideals of femininity and how it contrasts with modern society.

After working on this found poem, I learned that using less words creates more of an impact on the piece. The fewer words makes the reader think more about the meaning without the meaning popping out and ruining the mystery. With Zong!, it creates the same idea as portrayed in my found poem, fewer words, bigger impact.

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