Mending the past

While making this found poem, I wanted to explore the topic of not being able to let go of the past. I felt that this was a really strong topic to cover for my poem, since people have all different kinds of views and standpoints on how they deal with grief and sadness.

Some people chose to accept that something has gone wrong and will move on with their lives within a blink of an eye, some it takes more time than others, but eventually they do find their way to cope with grief in a short-medium amount of time, while others can’t seem to move on for a long lasting time. 

This is a difficult process for many of them to deal with. They can’t process this grief and it stays with them. 

So, I chose a poem entitled, “Changing the Past”, by a girl who goes by the name of Donna from the website under the section life lesson poems. Donna writes this poem about her brother who was going through a difficult time. Her brother was dealing with a lot of grief and sadness, however she believed that his grief could be ‘fixed’, since other people have it worse than him.

I felt that I needed to write about this poem since dealing with grief is a very touchy subject, and writing a poem to try and show someone that they don’t have it ‘as bad as someone else’ in the long run isn’t going to help the other person heal. 

Donna had an overall very strong poem and it seemed like her message could resonate with her brother and many others who suffer from depression, however, her message throughout her poem was to basically ‘get over it, because someone has it worse than you’, so I cut and paste words from the poem and I reshaped in a way where the typical phrases about not being able to change the past were in the middle, and the shorter more meaningful sentences were cut out and centered or pasted to the side to show that there is hope for the poet’s brother and other out there. I wanted to reshape what she did in a way to show these people suffering that they weren’t alone and if they took more ‘out of the lines’ ideas, and one day at a time, it could get easier—however not fixable, which is why the stanza is not together. 

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