Time by Lidia Sferrazza

My poem uses words and phrases from a news article about the Brock Turner Stanford rape case. It is specifically about the criminal being released after only 6 months of jail time. This article angered me because it seemed as though Brock Turner would not admit to the crime he committed and only blamed his actions on alcohol. I chose to cut out the words “six years”, “30 seconds”, “six months” etc. and listed them to show the contrast between how much time he should have gotten in prison, to how much time he really got, to the number of seconds it could take to completely destroy someone’s life, and how easy it was for him to do this. 
I arranged the words in vertical lists that could also be read horizontally. If read vertically, the words are similarly grouped together, but if read horizontally, each of the phrases on top of the page could end with variations of the word “victim” and “justice” to show that Turner turned someone innocent into a victim, and this victim deserves justice. On the second half of the page, I wanted to focus on the victim herself, so I included some of her own words to show the strong impact that a rape can have on someone emotionally. Working on the poem was emotional for me because it got very specific about the rape, so I wanted to include some of that raw emotion by using the second person in the words “you have triggered my pain… outrage… damage…” I wanted to point a finger at the reader, almost like “you” are the criminal and I am the victim, to help intensify the issue. Hopefully, this can emphasize the long term emotional effects of rape victims and what they have to go through to recover from this traumatic event. Writing this poem made me think a lot about repetition. Especially because the word “victim” was repeated several times: this is the most accurate way to describe the woman. I also titled the poem “Time” because the victim will be a victim for the rest of her life, and giving Turner “time” in prison is only a small way to help her recover.

Lidia Sferrazza

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  1. Hi Lidia, I really enjoyed reading your found poem. I remember when this incident happened and how little punishment Brock Turner actually got and how furious everyone was at that time. I found that the way you rearranged the words from the article was very powerful and they were able convey a lot of emotion in them. I liked that you showed how much his sentence should have been and how much time he actually served, this part in particular really got my blood boiling. The fact that he did such terrible things to her and only spent 3 months incarcerated is so unfair considering the fact that because of what he did she will never be able to live her life the same way ever again and will have this memory with her forever. I also found it to be very affective to put some of the victims own words in your poem to show how emotionally effected she is and now always will be because of what he did to her.

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