Climate Change

For my poem, I chose an article from National Geographic about climate change. This article was about climate change around the world and how it has been and will continue to affect us. I chose this article for my found poem because the topic of climate change gets me anxious and I worry about the future, especially for my family and future family. When I read the article, it continues to upset me because there is not much we can do to reverse the damages. This article helped to put into perspective the amount of change that has occurred and how much the climate will continue to change.

When writing this poem I felt that cutting words was the most effective. The way I structured it was to put emphasis on words and phrases that were heavily discussed and most impactful from the article. I grouped the most common words and phrases that were repeated throughout the article together. Those seemed to jump out me as I was reading becase they were repeated so many times. I then spread the words and phrases out on the right side of the page because to me it felt as if those words and phrases were scattered like that when I was reading the article.

I really enjoyed doing this type of poetry. It is different and shows how each person thinks differently. It also shows creativity.

-Jordyn Ferguson

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  1. Hi Jordyn, I really liked your found poem! I read it from start to finish multiple times and I think each time I read it, it got me to think of something new, however, the main idea you were trying to get across was still present in each read through. It is very obvious that this topic is important to you, it becomes visible in this poem through the word choice and through the placement of each word throughout the piece. I was moved enough to feel a disgust of what has happened to our environment over these past years and I think that was exactly what you were going for. Overall, great piece!

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