The Great Escape

For my found poem I decided to chose a song that I usually listen to if I’m feeling a bit down or just want to forget about something. The song’s title ‘The Great Escape’ represents this because sometimes people just need an escape from something that might be holding them back in life. I started off my poem by whiting-out most of the words on the first page because as I’m listening to the song, the thoughts in my mind begin to commemorate or look back on the reason why I’m listening to the song, whether it be a bad day in general or something tragic that just happened. Going off of this, my thoughts tend to be negative when first listening to the song as it gets me thinking, “Why me?” or “Could I have changed this?”, which is why most of the words on the first page tend to be mostly negative. An example of some of these negative words are, “goodbye”, “cry”, “scream”, etc…. As the song continues, more words start to appear on the page, as my mind begins to calm itself down just by listening to the lyrics. For example, on the second page I left the words, “left behind” as this is when I tell myself to leave behind all those emotions and think of a positive alternative. Finally, I decided to leave the last page of the song untouched because as the song begins to finish its last verse, this is when my mind makes that ‘great escape’ and pushes back all those negative emotions and thoughts that would normally circulate my mind. I also really love the last line of the song which is, “Cause we are finally free tonight”, showing how that escape might not be as easy for some people and could take some time to truly accept what happened, hence the “finally”.

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  1. Hey Ryan, I too chose a song to analyze and I liked how you did the same. I liked how you singled out words to being with, but then let the song flow as it continued. Also liked how you focused on the escape and how it was a struggle but finally achieved at the end.

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