Justification By: Emeilya Erway

I created my found poem on an article that had different quotes that people used to justify rape based on womens clothing. In this poem I wanted to focus on the fact that people feel that they can justify the action of rape just because a woman left her house in a tight dress or just wanted to feel beautiful. The fact that many people feel this way and still think like this makes angry, no woman should ever feel like it is her fault that she was raped. These are all words that people used when talking about sexual harassment and how it has to do with what a woman wears. I started off by going through the quotes and picking out all the words that made me angry, or that I did not agree with. Then I cut all those words out and placed them in different orders to try and see which order I liked best. I also left a lot of space to show all of the information that the speaker is missing while making such strong statements. The article I found also included their apologies but I decided not to include them because I felt they were all genetic, they said the same thing and that even though they apologized that doesn’t mean that what they said was right or can be justified. I decided to have the last line be “she’s asking for it” because this is a common statement that you hear now a days and people feel it is okay to say that and that it somehow is a magical statement that erases everything else. I felt this was a good way to end it and use it as a way to leave the reader with something to think about. 

2 Replies to “Justification By: Emeilya Erway”

  1. Hey Emeilya,
    I really enjoyed the depth of your poem! Though very few words, it had a very strong message. I liked how you used words like “flirtatiously” and “provocative” to portray the belittling of women who come forward about rape. I agree that these women should not feel as though rape is their fault, and that this is a prominent issue in our world today. Everyone should feel safe and in good hands, and not have to worry about justifying their experiences.

  2. Hey Emeliya, I really liked your poem. I think the words you chose to use were powerful. I also liked the length of it. I think by using fewer words it made the poem more meaningful, the words stuck with me more. I agree with what you said about how no woman should feel at fault for being raped. I personally felt angry when reading those words because it is crazy that people think like that. It is sad to also think that people still think like this and continue to place the blame on women.

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