Is rape to die for? -Sadie Royce

Artist statement:

To explain the title before anything else because it sounds a bit wrong, the article I made my found poem from discussed if the crime rape was worthy of being punished with the death penalty. Most cases that have been punished with the death penalty have been child rape though. I chose this as the topic for my found poem because many rapists today are faced with unfitting sentences most of the time and, in my opinion, tend to not be rightly punished. Five have been actually killed through the death penalty but for child rape. The Supreme Court ruled that it was not a proportionate crime for the rape of an adult woman which was particularly irritating. I’m not completely sure where I stand due to things like wrongful convictions and whatnot but it is still a very intimate topic to me at least. Especially in today’s age where women tend to be ignored anyway. The article even talks about a prejudice jury pool. I mean it is hard to not have a preset notion for a sexual offense case so I can’t blame people for that. The downside is that it leads to more guilty verdicts and obviously more death sentences which is what the last three lines are in reference to. Hope it makes sense to you!

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